Thursday, September 8, 2011

flip flop fix

ok soooo i waited to long and my flip flops which had already seen better days LAST summer lost their little flower this week.

It was pretty bad, the plastic flower petals were hanging by a thread on one of my shoes and it would bounce and make a clinking sound with every step i took.... :) ha!

So I decided to go to payless and target and just see what they had, thinking oh they will all be on sale b/c its fall!

I walk inside payless trying to hide my feet from the sales clerks :) but feeling like every step i take my shoes are announcing to everyone "hi! I need knew shoes!" . . .and are there any flip flops in my size? no. ok plan B target: annnnd again no flip flops left. . . sad :(

sooooo i decided to quick fix it and remove my hanging-by-a-thread-flowers and replace them with bows! I just used ribbon and hot glue, as you can see they are still not in great shape :) ha! but i shouldn't need them for more than a couple weeks.

Before: (minus the flower)


I'm pretty happy with them :)

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