Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Justin + Allison = love

For our 2 year anniversary Justin took me to Portland!
We stayed in the Hotel Deluxe close to the Pearl district.
I LOVED it! He picked it out himself and surprised me with it :)
it is decorated in a 40s-50s Hollywood theme...palm branches outside,
beautiful old chandeliers, and right in the middle of the grand entryway there was a HUGE
frame featuring Audrey Hepburn, one of my FAVORITES! :)

Our Hotel is the white building on the right

This was our complimentary upgrade room :)

Justin bought me pink roses just like my wedding bouquet!

Right before we went out to dinner at the old spaghetti factory :)

The next day we found a fun little pizza parlor called Bellagios
it was delicious!
Here's to the day we said "I do"
forever and always

Sunday, July 17, 2011

wow. . .
. . . it has literally been FOREVER since I've blogged. . . can i just say life has been crazy!?
. . .it's good to be back. to be home. :)
so since its been forever I feel like I have everything and nothing to talk about at the same time! but i decided to just make myself do it, so here I am.

and since it's half way through July and I haven't posted any of my summer stuff I decided to give my summer-to-do-list and then hopefully I'll get around to posting pictures and details soon!

1. Spend time at home (othello home) with my familia*
2. **Star gaze** (hello summer stars is the name of my blog!)
4. learn to sew.
5. watch my my dear friend Liz Bates get married :)
6. watch fireworks (k.p.'s song instantly comes to mind!)*
7. eat at El Caparol (i think it has a new name now?)*
8. watch gilmore girls, my ABSOLUTE favorite :)*
9. apply for teaching jobs!*
10. play with sparklers
11. explore Portland with my husband of 2 years (we're in love)*
12. be healthy: working out 5x/week hopefully. . .*
13. cliff jumping*
14. break in our new tent*
15. eat smores with reese's peanut butter cups mmmm!*
16. coffee! coffee! coffee! :)*
17. soak up the sunshine & play in the water*
18. make grandma's strawberry pie!*
19. sing songs from glee*
20. paint the coffee table white :)
21. love on my adorable nephews*
22. grow a garden (tomatoes, peppers, zinnias, dahlias)*
23. love Justin!*
24. write: diary writing and letters
25.Read through the book of John*
26. go to saturday market!
27. practice piano and singing
27. go yard saling...is that a word?
28. spend more time talking to God.*

28 so far. . .maybe I'll add more later :)

the ones with stars I've done/started. . .details and pix to come soon!