Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Ok almost all girls love shoes.
flip flops. flats. stilettos. wedges. pumps. boots.
the list goes on :)
so I was thinking, what shoes would I buy now
if I could buy whatever shoes I wanted to. . .

Here is my Shoe Wish list:
(well 8 of them anyway)

1. These are from Target about $20 i think. Simple. Sweet. Pink.
and soooo cute :)

2. I'm in the market for some new rain boots.
I love these.
They are classy.
They have polka dots.
need I say more?

3. Ok another rain boot. Kate Spade style.
these are just a dream.
don't worry I'm not seriously thinking about buying them.
I just love to look at them!
4. I desperately need new flip flops/summer sandals.
these might be the ones :)

5. Perfect Pumps to wear with a pencil skirt. pants.
whatever. again super classy!
6. I love love LOVE these shoes!
pretty. feminine. lacey. hott. :)

7. These are from BP at Nordstrom and suprise!
I love them. love the color.
love the flirtiness and the tall heel!

8. Last but not least!
Grey Boots!
I have been looking and dreaming and hoping!
and guess what. . . . . . ?

I bought them! I love them :)
there were 50% at Wet Seal! btw if you are in the market for boots
February is a great time to find them on sale!

Here's to the one thing that always fits.
a girl's best friend.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

stuff. . .

Happy Presidents day!
I was going through my camera and I found some random pictures. . .

this was a gift from the school where I filled a long-term sub position
isn't it cute!?
I can't wait to have my own classroom.
this will be in it!

The other Kinder teacher bought me some books!
my favorites are Froggy and Corduroy :)

Justin brought these home a couple weeks ago. . .
just because! :)
he is such a great man.

January bulletin board
The kids made snowflakes and snowmen!

my rainbow maincure
administered by an adorable 4th grader where I sub
I think it shows off my ring :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

my top 5 loved coffee shops

5. The Human Bean! you get a chocolate covered coffee bean with your drink!

4. Sisters Coffee Company! delicious coffee + a beautiful atmosphere (inside and out!)
Yes Please! :)

3. Dutch bros!! the more I go, the more I love it!
with a hot pink straw of course!

2. Of course Starbucks has to be close to the top, let's face it
they have amazing coffee you can always count on!

1. But my favorite and number one coffee shop is the local drive through in my home town.
The Kix Stand!
They have really good coffee, affordable prices! and adorable holiday cups! :)
plus they make the best Raspberry White Mocha ever! :)

(ignore the starbucks cup...the kix stand drink is on the left! this is the only pic. I could find)

Do you have a favorite coffee shop? :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

a dream. . .

what is white. . .

cozy. . .

slipcovered. . .

and in my living room??

My beautiful new living room seating!
I love it :)