Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Ok almost all girls love shoes.
flip flops. flats. stilettos. wedges. pumps. boots.
the list goes on :)
so I was thinking, what shoes would I buy now
if I could buy whatever shoes I wanted to. . .

Here is my Shoe Wish list:
(well 8 of them anyway)

1. These are from Target about $20 i think. Simple. Sweet. Pink.
and soooo cute :)

2. I'm in the market for some new rain boots.
I love these.
They are classy.
They have polka dots.
need I say more?

3. Ok another rain boot. Kate Spade style.
these are just a dream.
don't worry I'm not seriously thinking about buying them.
I just love to look at them!
4. I desperately need new flip flops/summer sandals.
these might be the ones :)

5. Perfect Pumps to wear with a pencil skirt. pants.
whatever. again super classy!
6. I love love LOVE these shoes!
pretty. feminine. lacey. hott. :)

7. These are from BP at Nordstrom and suprise!
I love them. love the color.
love the flirtiness and the tall heel!

8. Last but not least!
Grey Boots!
I have been looking and dreaming and hoping!
and guess what. . . . . . ?

I bought them! I love them :)
there were 50% at Wet Seal! btw if you are in the market for boots
February is a great time to find them on sale!

Here's to the one thing that always fits.
a girl's best friend.

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  1. you're cute!! I wish I could wear those tall flirty heels! and I bet those grey boots are ADORABLE on you :)