Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sweet Summer Time

I'm convinced! I was born to live somewhere where it is always summer. . .
can you imagine?
. . .Sunny 80-95 degree weather all year long! :)
would i miss the fall colors, the winter snow, springtime flowers?
probably. . .
but i'm thinking i could schedule three trips each year to get my fix for each season...
and then go back to summer weather :)

I don't know why but summer has always been my favorite season,
to me summer is magic :)
I love the sunshine, and I love hot hot weather!
I grew up riding my bike to the local public pool EVERYDAY!
My friend Samantha and I had pool summer passes for $20
(for the whole summer! thanks to our parents!)
we rode our bikes up to the pool at 1:00 and spent all afternoon swimming until 4 or 5...
we loved it :)
gardens, BBQ's, baseball, camp fires, sunsets, stars, fireworks, festivals, movies in the park, the sweet smells, fresh produce, long days of light, late night swims, the early sunrises and late sunsets, the beach, waterslides, swimming, boating, sprinklers, slip'n'slides, water fights!!!
Not to mention the fun and flirty clothes you get to wear! sundresses, skirts, tank tops, sandals...
Thank you God for making Summer! <3

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