Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Amazing Mother

Today in church there was an time for people to come forward and share special memories and tributes to their mothers. As I was sitting there listening to others honor their mothers I couldn't help but wish my mom was there, because I wanted so badly to let everyone there know what an amazing mom I have been blessed with! Since we couldn't be together today, and I didn't get to share why I believe she is the MOST amazing mom, I decided to blog about it!

Dear sweet mother,
Almost as soon as the invitation was given for people to share about their mothers I knew exactly what I wanted to say about you.

You have been an amazing role model, care giver, and friend through out my 23 years of life. I couldn't have asked for more and wouldn't trade you for anything or anyone in this world.

You have been by my side through thick and thin, good and bad, giving me just what I needed.
love. support. rules. hugs. ears. laughs. prayers. even tears.
I always knew no mistake I could ever make would separate me from your love.

You stand out among mothers as a mom whose arms are always open and accepting.
happiness. sadness. anger. silliness. and nothing-ness were all acceptable emotions to feel in your arms, you taught me to be honest with my emotions with you, my husband, and with God.

But I think most of all what makes you a lily among thorns is your faithful devotion to the Lord. Mom I've watched you go through some of the hardest trials any person has had to endure. Yet you have kept your eyes, heart, hope and faith in the Lord. You taught me to surrender not just my dreams but also my hurts to God. and even when He doesn't take them away you proved true that He gives us more than enough mercies and love for each new day.

Thank you!!

I love you and wish you the most wonderful Mother's Day!

Allison Joy :)

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