Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bubble painting :)

Today was our valentine holiday happening in kindergarten! alllll the kindergarten classes intermingled through two classrooms to try lots valentine's crafts and games! It was a fun day! at my table was bubble art/painting. It was so much fun and it turns out so pretty! I don't have my camera right now so I can't upload any pictures but it was so adorable!. How it works is students take a 6"x6" square of construction paper (light colors work best)and basically stamp cookie cutter hearts (or any other shape) onto the paper. So the bubble paint is in trays and one or two cookie cutter shapes are placed in the trays. When students pick up the cookie cutters the idea is that a bubble will form around the cookie cutter and then when placed down on the paper the bubble pops and makes a pretty painting!

What you need to do this:
1)paint and soap mixture (half of each) (less is more)
3)heart cookie cutters (the more variety the better!)
4)paper (we used construction paper)

I'll try to post a picture up tomorrow! Chao!

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