Sunday, January 31, 2010

twinkle lights and mochas

...So Justin and I are house sitting for some family this weekend and they have so many candles, lanterns and twinkle lights! I think its so romantic and cozy and relaxing having the different lights instead of using full house lights all the time... plus they have a hot tub with little twinkle lights so that's amazing all on its own! I think we're getting a better deal out of it than they are :)

i went shopping on saturday, i'm getting down to the bare minimum on our wedding gift card money, having gift cards to target and bed bath and beyond has been such a blessing! But anyway i found an adorable cupcake stand and a beautiful glass pitcher at cost plus world market. Plus I got two pillows at bed bath and beyond...but we haven't gotten to the best part yet, so i'm shopping and all of the sudden i see Justin's mom! (Justin was working) so they (Justin's parents) invited me to have lunch with them and i had a wonderfully ditzy moment and I locked my keys in my car! painful but true...luckily they were there to rescue me, (next time there will be a hide-a-key on my car!) and i ended up getting a raspberry white mocha out of it all (my favorite!)so the moral of the story is...if you lock your keys in your car, its ok! ...just chill out and have mocha :)

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  1. Sounds relaxing :). I love you and I had a blast spending time with you this weekend!