Friday, January 29, 2010

happy Friday!!

i just finished my first week of full time student teaching in kindergarten...i can't believe it! A week ago today I didn't know if I could do it, I was planning on having a meltdown, and I was secretly hoping for a way out! but seven days later and I'm still alive :) (tired, but alive) :)
ten things that helped:
1) prayer--I couldn't have done it without God's help and all of the prayers that people sent up for me
2) Justin--he listened and loved and laughed with me through the crazy week
3) smiles--from the students whose lives I've touched and who have touched mine
4) sweet dreams and sleep on flannel snowflake sheets :)
5) my pink coffee cup (creamer? check, coffee? check, more creamer? check)
6) cell phone to talk to my mom, dad, sister and others who wished me well
7) umbrella for Tuesday when it poured right as school got out!
8) my I.A. who prepped, helped, and kept me sane during the day!
9) chocolate from the staff room mmmmmm!
10) cozy candles lit for relaxing after the loonng day!

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  1. Well, I guess I still get to be the first comment ;) I'm very excited you have a married couple's blog... <3 it!!! And I love you, and miss you!!!
    ps: This is Jessica...b/c I think I have to be "anonymous" to comment :)