Tuesday, March 13, 2012

for the love of music :)))

So if you know me at all, its no secret how much i love music! Specifically singing!! but i love it all.

i've always felt like music is a special, deeper way of communicating that God created to touch our hearts in a way that nothing else can......and in the same way express our hearts in a way like no other.....oh and i'm soooo thankful God created music!!

and so (this is where i become the music/choir loser) i've quite consistently spent my life imagining which songs would play where/when to the soundtrack of my life :)) ha ha ha!

oh i laugh but i am oh so serious and it actually means so much to me! :)

we're talking having a fun time at church and thinking of song i that i would love to sing or have playing in the background to that moment...(maybe Rachel Lampa's "You Lift Me Up") :)

sounds confusing, but its like picking "your song" for your first dance at your wedding....you pick something that captures who you are as a couple-your relationship together-that special day and the rest of your lives... its that same philosophy with everything else in life :) ha ha!

ahhh.....if life were a musical! :) if my life were a musical. . . . :)

*Wicked's "Defying Gravity" would play in my Junior year of high school--letting go of bad choices...peer pressure... trusting God and moving on...!

*"Girls just wanna have fun" and "dancing queen" for the tween girlfriend years :)) (cliche but oh so perfect, we for sure got all dolled up and danced to those songs all the time)

*Carrie Underwood's "Don't forget to remember me" on my way to college....

*Barlow Girl's "Never Alone" when my mom fought against breast cancer....

*"Mayberry" by Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood's "Checotah" and "Wide Open Space's" by dixie chicks are all go to songs when i'm missing Othello (my home) or happy to be there :)

*"I think I'm in love" by Jessica Simpson reminds me of the amazing and giddy love i felt when Justin and I were first dating :))

*Tim McGraw's "my little girl" and "Cinderella" by Steven C. Chapman are my songs for my dad & I.

*and for Justin and me: our love song (among many) is "You & I" by Michael Buble :) and yes it was the song for our first dance at our wedding

mmm....just a few :)

music is just so good!

Thank you God for music :)

what if your life were a musical? :)

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