Thursday, January 6, 2011

home for Christmas

We had a white Christmas :)

and made a snowman! :)
Jaden and Jackson came early to help us get ready for Christmas. They helped bake sugar cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, gingerbread houses and they even helped me wrap presents! Jackson wrote the names on the gift tags for me. They are really good helpers! Here they are reading with Grandma Becky, this year one of their favorite Christmas books was called "The twelve bugs of Christmas."
Here they are working on their gingerbread houses
Uncle Justin helped them draw helmets for their favorite football teams
Ta Da!! Jackson's is on the left and Jaden's is on the right. They did a great job :) I helped Jaden put a J on his and he told me it was for Jaden and for Jesus because He is the King! :)
raspberry white mocha thank you kix stand!
mmm and my new starbucks cup and adorable sleeve
Jackson and Jaden also helped make the snowflakes
for the pretty Christmas dinner table setting :)
Jennie's amazing coconut cake!
and I had to put up the Christmas tree and stockings my kindergarten students made! My husband made the tree and the kids decorated the star ornament and glued them on. For their stockings they told me what they wanted for Christmas and drew a picture of it inside the stocking and I wrote it in a letter to Santa for them :)
Merry Christmas!! and thank you Lord for sending Your Son Jesus to be born and to save us..."Peace on earth, goodwill to men, and glory to God in the highest!"

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