Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I discovered the irony of having an interview last week when I myself had my very first two REAL LIFE grown up interviews!

...it goes like this...

First you apply...trying to understand and correctly meet and supply all aspects and questions of the application process for every specific application program each company has.

Second you wait :)

After that you might get called to have an interview! ...you hear the phone ring you don't recognize the number, you answer anyway and (drum roll please) you get asked to come in and interview for the position!! :)....so great! so wonderful...........so SCARY!!!!! :(

Then you spend the following days studying and memorizing and preparing and practicing for the interview...trying to remind yourself how blessed you are to have an interview and to JUST BE YOURSELF! :)

I'm so thankful that when life becomes so scary and so big like that and I feel teeny-tiny and helpless, I'm in the hands of the Star Breather...He chose me, He loves me and He holds my future and my dreams... all the sudden I have peace, and I have hope and I know my Faithful Father God has it figured out.... my job is to trust Him.

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