Wednesday, May 19, 2010

25 things about me...

1) I'm married to the man of my dreams!

2) My middle name is from James 1:2

3) My dream job would be to sing anywhere and everywhere, especially on Broadway…

4) I love fresh salsa

5) Flowers are amazing, white or pink roses are my favorite

6) I like new socks; they look and feel so clean :)

7) I love things that smell good...laundry soap, febreeze, candles, perfume, flowers,

8) I'm left handed (south paw!)

9) I have alopecia...meaning sometimes stress causes me to loose hair (i know weird!)

10) I love the stars, especially in the summer in Othello

11) I think pearls are beautiful

12) I gave my life to Jesus when I was 7

13) My mom and my sister are my best girl friends!

14) I want to teach kindergarten :)

15) Last fall I became a tea drinker

16) I love snuggling with blankets

17) I used to hate running, now I really like it

18) I used to get so tan in the summer my family would joke that I was adopted

19) My car's name is Lucy

20) My parents made me take piano lessons and I didn't like it, now I love it!

21) Summer is my favorite time of year, the hotter the better :)

22) I hate monopoly or games like it

23) I have a cat named skittles :)

24) I love to watch musicals!

25) 7th grade volleyball is the only official team sport I ever played.

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